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I was interviewed for (in German) talking about geoengineering (3 Methoden, wie manipulierte Wolken die Erderwärmung senken) (Sep 22)

I chatted about extreme precipitation events and climate change for the
Slovenian national radio (Vedno bolj zgodnji vročinski valovi, vedno bolj silovite nevihte, Jul 5)

I was interviewed for Der Standard talking about geoengineering (June 30)

I wrote a newspaper article explaining the basics about cirrus cloud geoengineering (in German) with a title "Rettung aus den Wolken?" for Der Pragmaticus. 

A brochure "WTF is Climate Change?!" dedicated particularly to youth and educators I helped draft is available in English, Slovenian, and Hungarian and accessible here

About me

What's new?

I’m a cloud and climate scientist, currently a MSCA-IF funded postdoc in the climate dynamics group at the University of Vienna led by Aiko Voigt. I work on the intersection of cloud (micro)physics and climate, studying how clouds form and dissolve and how they may change with warming. I also spent a large part of my PhD studying (with the help of climate model simulations) controversial ideas of artificially modifying cirrus clouds to partially counteract global warming. My recent work contributed to a better understanding of the interplay between radiative and microphysical feedbacks in tropical anvil clouds. 


I have been interested in the physical processes surrounding me since my childhood on the (tiny) Slovenian coast. When I was nine, I started to measure precipitation and started to become more interested in systematic observations of weather phenomena. During the high school years my awareness about climate change increased, and I became involved in a youth association working mainly on peer education of youth, and helped set up an educational program on climate change and sustainable development. 

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