About me

I'm starting to work on the EU-funded project "ELISIR" Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, hosted by Prof. Aiko Voigt's group at the University of Vienna! Looking forward to two years of diving into the role of ice crystal size and number in high cloud feedbacks!

A brochure "WTF is Climate Change?!" dedicated particularly to youth and educators I helped draft is available in English, Slovenian, and Hungarian and accessible here


What's new?

I have been interested in the physical processes surrounding me since my childhood on the (tiny) Slovenian coast. When I was nine, I started to measure precipitation which bound me to more systematic observations of weather phenomena. During the high school years my awareness about climate change increased, and I became involved in a youth association working mainly on peer education of youth, and helped setting up an educational programme on climate change and sustainable development. I went on to study physics at the University of Trieste, where I finished my Bachelor degree. Afterwards I decided to follow one of my hobbies and study atmospheric and climate science at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. The main focus of my PhD in the group of Ulrike Lohmann were cloud (micro)physics and cloud radiative effects. In particular, I spent quite some time researching (with the help of computer models) controversial ideas of artificially decreasing cirrus clouds by seeding of aerosol particles. I moved to Seattle in 2018 to study radiative effects of clouds in the tropics, in particular convective anvil clouds under the mentorship of Dennis Hartmann and Phil Rasch. My modelling work contributed to a better understanding of the interplay of radiative and microphysical feedbacks in anvil cloud evolution. The high cloud story continues from early 2021 in Vienna in the group of Aiko Voigt!