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Want to chat about the Lagrangian perspective on anvil cloud evolution, and anvil cloud climate feedbacks? Let's meet at AGU in December! 

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I have been interested in the physical processes surrounding me since my childhood on the (tiny) Slovenian coast. When I was nine, I started to measure precipitation which bound me to more systematic observations of weather phenomena. During the high school years my awareness about climate change increased, and I became involved in a youth association working mainly on peer education of youth, and helped setting up an educational programme on climate change and sustainable development. I went on to study physics at the University of Trieste, where I finished my Bachelor degree. Afterwards I decided to follow one of my hobbies and study atmospheric and climate science at ETH Zürich in Switzerland, where I finished the Master degree and continued with a PhD project in the group of Prof. Ulrike Lohmann. The PhD research on the controversial topic of human interventions in the climate system called geoengineering gave me a lot of thought food related both to climate modelling and to broader aspects of geoengineering. The main focus of my PhD were cloud (micro)physics and cloud radiative effects. I moved to Seattle in March 2018 to study radiative effects of clouds in the tropics, in particular convective anvil clouds. I would like to better understand what physical processes control their evolution and what are the main sources of model bias when simulating them.

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